Gerrard goes Gold

We love QuickBooks Online. The leading cloud accounting software gives us flexibility and deep access to the numbers of the people we work with. Becoming a QuickBooks Gold Partner is a great milestone on our on-going journey and we’re really proud to be accredited by the global leader in cloud accounting software!

What does QuickBooks mean for you?

One of the reasons we use QuickBooks – and encourage you to use it as well – is that it makes it easier for you to work with us collaboratively.

When you put your accounting on QuickBooks, we both win because we have access to the numbers from anywhere in the world. Not only this, but the techno guys at QuickBooks make sure the software is always up to date.

There are also hundreds of nifty add-ons available – from credit control to inventory tracking to website building – all of which integrate with QuickBooks Online and bring a variety of different new functions and automated processes to your finance systems.

Why does it matter that we’re a QuickBooks partner?

  • Peace of mind because we’re not just on QuickBooks; we’re experts and know how to apply it successfully in the third sector
  • It underlines our expertise in online bookkeeping and financial management

Think about QuickBooks Online

If you are using old or outdated software (perhaps even Excel, or pen and paper) to manage your accounts and financial data, think about switching to QuickBooks.

As a QuickBooks Gold Partner, we have the processes in place, and the hands-on experience needed, to help make the switch from your old software a simple matter. Read more (link to consulting).