Short cuts and tips for a busy Finance Manager

Here at Gerrard Financial Consulting we strongly believe in making your accounting and finance life as simple and manageable as it can possibly be.

In particular we just love anything that saves precious time, so we’re sharing our shortcuts tips with you to help you zip through spreadsheets, crack those formulae, and be at one with the functionality of your accounting software.

QuickBooks Online

There are lots of ways you can save time when working in QuickBooks. Did you know for example that pressing Control + Alt + C takes you straight to the donors page, and Control + Alt + V zips you straight over to the suppliers page?

For more fabulous time saving tips like these, including how to work in more than one screen at a time (we especially love this one), download our QBO Online shortcuts crib sheet and discover a world of simple QuickBooks navigation.

To find out how you can streamline your QBO record keeping further, why not attend our event on 9th March in Bristol to hear Jen talk about the top five cloud accounting tools and add-ons for charities?

Essential Excel formulae guide for Financial Managers

This guide includes simple analysis functions, such as average, sum and count, how to construct look-ups and IF statements and tips for entering dates the smart way. Find out how to whip through your Excel spreadsheets with ease. Download our quick reference formulae guide for Excel.

Excel keyboard shortcuts

There is a raft of shortcuts to help you navigate all of the wonderful features of Microsoft Excel. Download our Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts guide and find quick and easy ways to complete your most used functions in a fraction of the time.

If you love these shortcuts and would like to find out more great ways to streamline your workload, why not join us for our next Financial Management and Excel course for charities? In just 3 1/2 hours you’ll learn and practice plenty of new Excel skills to help cut through your everyday work.