How to write a Trustees Annual Report – part 1

For many of us it is that time of year again where, with a 31 March year end rapidly approaching, that nagging feeling kicks in. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the accountant is going to soon be asking for your Trustees’ Annual Report (TAR). Whilst for most of us our first foray in to SORP 2015 […]

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Reserves policy – not just an annual affair

Real time financial visibility is increasingly becoming a necessity for the sector. With regulator enquiries on the rise and media coverage of recent high profile cases, such as Kid’s Company, a trustee’s responsibility for safeguarding their charity’s assets and beneficiaries is firmly in the spotlight. What does financial visibility look like for a charity? How […]

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Short cuts and tips for a busy Finance Manager

Here at Gerrard Financial Consulting we strongly believe in making your accounting and finance life as simple and manageable as it can possibly be. In particular we just love anything that saves precious time, so we’re sharing our shortcuts tips with you to help you zip through spreadsheets, crack those formulae, and be at one […]

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That budgeting feeling…


Now that the festive season is behind us, some charity finance teams may be experiencing a different, more sobering feeling (often one of dread) as budgeting season approaches. Of course, to keep your charity’s finances on track over the course of each financial year you need a realistic and informed budget. Starting the budgeting process […]

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Gerrard Financial Consulting feature in AccountingWEB

Gerrard Financial AccountingWEB

A recent article by Richard Hattersley, Community Assistant at AccountingWEB looked into the benefits of working with an accountant with a specialist niche. It’s entitled How to Build a Niche Firm. Richard identified that many accounting practices on the shortlist of the Accounting Web Practice Excellence Awards share this common theme. As a specialist accountant […]

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