Operating as a virtual practice across the UK, we provide accounting, financial training and consultancy services to charities. We know what it means to operate in the charity sector and understand the unique culture and aspirations, which set Third Sector organisations aside from typical commercial businesses.

As a virtual practice we provide:

  • Bespoke training – which can be offered as ‘live online’ sessions or face to face, depending on location
  • Networking Events – which tend to be face to face
  • Technical workshops – currently offered in a face to face classroom setting
    – online options coming soon

Very comprehensive and friendly too

Really enjoyable thank you

The course pace and quality of information was excellent. Interaction with Excel was great!

Excellent info in the ‘pack’ and templates to follow

Very interesting course and would like to have another session to refresh my mind/skill.

Best training (practical)

We understand that face to face can still be important so this could be accommodated if specifically required. Why not drop us a line to see which option might be most appropriate for you and your organisation?

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Bespoke training

Trustee refresher

Do you have new trustees or is your board in need of a trustee responsibilities refresher?

Management accounts

Would a session on understanding your management accounts be useful to your management team and/ or trustees?

Strategy facilitator

Looking for a trustee strategy session facilitator?

Budgeting help

How do I achieve management collaboration on the annual budget? New to budgeting?

Technical issue

Are you a finance manager who would welcome a one-off support session on specific technical issues?

Accounting software

Do you have a finance team member who needs bringing up to speed on your accounting software?

If this sounds like just the thing you need,
get in touch with us to find out more

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Networking Events

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Common themes heard by us in our work as charity advisors are:

  • “We do ‘xyz’ like this but there must be a better way of doing it!”
  • “We’re about to try and integrate a new piece of fundraising software with our accounts package – do you know anyone who has been through the process?”
  • “We’re thinking of trying …. any advice?”

Here at Gerrard Financial Consulting, we felt inspired by those involved in the sector, who are dealing with (and finding solutions to) these issues on a daily basis – i.e. you! We saw an opportunity for collaborative problem-solving and gured that enabling individuals to come together and share their own experiences could reap huge, tangible bene ts.

Not intended as a formal training event in any way, a typical gathering simply seeks to pop like-minded people in a room (with a cuppa and a slice of cake) to chat and mull over their burning issues – completely free of charge of course.

Technical Workshops

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Our practical finance courses have been carefully developed by our own trainers, driven by their passion and enthusiasm for all things charity.

Each and every member of the team brings a wealth of trustee and charity finance experience to the table, enabling us to offer grounded and practical insights to many of the problems faced by today’s finance workers.

New to charity finance?

  • Taking on further responsibilities within an existing role?
  • Seeking a greater understanding of your duties and responsibilities as a trustee?
  • Wishing to consolidate and build on bookkeeping experience gained through a voluntary position?
  • Experiencing rapid organisational growth which your current financial management and reporting infrastructure is struggling to support?

Whatever your position, our courses cater for all levels of experience covering a wide range of financial accounting, management, governance and planning topics.

Clients of Gerrard Financial Consulting are eligible to receive discounts on all technical workshop offerings.